Naturopathic methods enhanced by modern technologies eliminate your reactions caused by allergies and sensitivites... learn more

Digestion and Intestinal Issues

Digestion and other intestinal issues are often caused by allergies to food and environmental toxins. Improve food digestion and absorption...
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Alternative naturopathic therapies are available for cancer treatments...
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We recommend thermography to all our patients because it allows the detection of changes that are not yet noticeable symptoms...

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Alternative, Naturopathic methods of pain treatment and management are drug-free, effective... learn more

Naturopathic methods and technologies are used to promote Anti-aging and Disease Prevention... learn more

Detoxification (Detox) Program

Naturopathic detoxification clears and filters toxins and wastes, allowing your body to return to optimal functioning.... learn more

Environmental Illness

Mould, fungus, Lyme disease, viral, bacterial and parasitic infections

Cryotherapy in the Cryosauna

If the cause of all diseases is dis-regulation of the body, there must be an inherent panacea within the body. Our bodies do have such a system that maintains health and recovers the default health condition.... learn more

Weight Loss Program

Weight gain is a systemic disorder which is important to resolve. To initiate weight loss, there are many factors to consider that cause weight gain... learn more

Autism and ADHD

Individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) have challenges with speech, learning, communication, social interactions, poor eye contact, repetitive behaviors and restricted interests.... learn more

Joint Repair and Skin Rejuvenation

While whole body cryotherapy by means of the Cryosauna [Link to Cryosauna page title] was originally developed in Japan as a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and used as a method of recovery from this debilitating disease.... learn more


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